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Foundation Free Concrete Batching/Mixing plant

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Mixer model:JS500-JS4000
Batching machine:PLD1600-6000
Producing capacity:25m³/h-180m³/h
Total power:60kw-300kw
Discharging height:3.8m-4.2m
Application field:Suitable for all kinds of large and medium prefabricated component factories and large-scale industrial and construction projects such as roads, bridges, water conservancy, and docks. It is an ideal equipment for commercial concrete production.

Product Detail

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Configuration features and equipment advantages

1.Convenient and economical

Modular design, integrated pre-installation, quick installation , 3~5 days to complete the installation .


AdaptableSmall installed capacity, small footprint, low investment cost and high cost performance.

3.High efficiency and low consumption

(1)The start-up time of the hoist is intelligently controlled, and the production efficiency of the whole machine is higher and the energy consumption is lower.

(2)The main engine liner and mixing blades use super wear-resistant technology, which has a long service life.

(3)The stirring blades are arranged in a 60° discontinuous spiral streamline shape, and it boils in a mesh shape when stirring. The material is fully kneaded and squeezed, and the concrete is fully mixed, with good working ability and high strength.

4.safe, stable and reliable

(1)Safety is fully considered in the electrical layout and wiring installation, and safety switches are installed in many places to minimize the danger of personnel.

(2)High-performance hardware configuration, all electrical control components adopt well-known brands to ensure stable and reliable operation of the control system.

(3)The lifting system adopts six safety measures such as anti-shock, anti-loosening, and double-shaft holding, which are more reliable.

(4)Bottom-opening type lifting bucket, running smoothly without impact, double pulley structure is less affected by eccentricity, and has a long service life .

(5)The bottom-opening hoist has excellent reliability. The well-known brand reducer is equipped with intelligent control programs such as double brake control, overload control, and automatic capture of lifting time and unloading interval time to make the whole machine run more smoothly .

5.Smart and environmentally friendly

Smarter control, more accurate measurement, high efficiency and low emission and pollution.

Technical Parameters

型号 Model HZS50 HZS60 HZS90
理论生产率 theoretical productivity 50m³/h 60m³/h 90m³/h
搅拌机型号 Blender model JS1000 JS1000 JS1500
输送方式 Delivery method 提斗bucket 输送带conveyor 输送带conveyor
搅拌功率 stirring power 2X18.5 Kw 2X18.5 Kw 2X30 Kw
搅拌机公称容量 Mixer nominal capacity 1000L 1000L 1500L
骨料最大颗粒 aggregate size Φ60mm Φ60mm Φ80mm
粉料仓容量 Powder bin capacity 2 * 80 t 2 * 80 t 3 * 100 t
骨料仓容量 Aggregate bin capacity 3*10m³ 3*10m³ 3*17m³
卸料高度 Discharge height ≥3.8m ≥3.8m ≥3.8m
装机容量 Installed capacity 87kW 95kW 190kW
骨料称量范围及精度 Aggregate Weighing Range and Accuracy (600~2000)kg±2%kg (600~2000)±2%k (600~2500)±2%k
粉煤灰称量范围及精度 Fly ash weighing range and accuracy (200~1000)kg±1%kg (180~600)±1%k (200~1200)±1%k
水称量范围及精度 Water weighing range and accuracy (80~300)kg±1%kg (90~300)±1%k (150~400)±1%k
外加剂称量范围及精度 Additive weighing range and accuracy (8~20)kg±2%kg (9~30)±1%k (15~50)±1%k

Product details and main configuration

Twin Shaft Mixer

Twin-shaft forced concrete mixer can mix plastic concrete, dry hard concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete, fluid concrete and various mortars. And JS twin-shaft forced concrete mixer has the advantages of uniform mixing, short mixing time, high operating efficiency, easy operation, low energy consumption, and low noise.

Ingredients station

The head-up belt scale structure reduces the loading height of the customer and saves the fuel consumption of the loader.

Modular design of batching station, integrated pre-installed overall hoisting, fast installation.

Elevator /Conveyor Belt

1.Six protection devices, safe and reliable

2.Bottom-opening type lifting bucket, double pulley structure, less affected by eccentricity , stable operation without impact.

Cement Powder tank

The powder tank adopts a vertical ring beam structure or a horizontal structure , which has higher overall safety and reliability .

Control System

The center of the foundation-free concrete mixing plant is the control system. The whole machine is controlled by computer, which can be controlled automatically or manually. The operation is simple and easy to master. The dynamic panel display can clearly understand the operation status of each component, and can store and print report data at the same time.

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We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “@chenglicn.com”

We can provide free samples for you to test

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