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Product Detail

Configuration features and equipment advantages

Unloading hopper

Unloading hopper angle, larger volume, non-stick material. The unloading hopper can store 1 tray of material without dripping. Intelligent unloading, no frequent adjustment of the unloading time of the mixer, reducing the workload of the operator and lowering the requirements for work proficiency. Zero drop into the mixer truck, no spillage and no splash when concrete enters the mixer truck. The mixer can discharge at full speed, and the productivity of the mixing station is higher.

Mixing engine

The discharge door with better aspect ratio is 15% longer than the traditional discharge door, the residual material is reduced by 50%, and the machine is simpler; the anti-lock shaft design, the position and size of the powder discharge port are fully updated, and the cleaning frequency is lower. Negative pressure valve: When concrete is being mixed, there is no pressure difference between the inside and outside of the main machine, and there is no interference in the measurement. The intelligent control of the dust removal system can realize online observation of the concrete mixing quality.

Pulse bag filter and air compressor

The top of the powder tank adopts a pulse bag filter to increase the effective filtration area and filter air speed, easy to clean, hard to agglomerate; the air compressor adopts a low-noise screw air compressor.

Closed type waiting hopper

The open area of the hopper is reduced by 75%, the return of the residual material is correct. Compulsory film-coated bag filter is more suitable for working conditions with high moisture content, and it is easier to clean dust. Hopper, mixer integrated top suction dust removal system, dust removal is more thorough. Dust in the main building is reduced by 40%.

Intelligent low pressure conveying system

The integrated intelligent control of dust removal and dust removal completely solves the problem of roof fall caused by the leakage of the dust remover during dust removal and over-pressure operation. The dust removal lock design of the powder tank can avoid feeding wrong materials, and the operation is simple and safe; Cancel the vehicle-mounted low-efficiency and high-noise compressor, reduce the running noise of ash blowing, lower than 70 decibels; reduce the cement feed temperature, no need to stand for cooling, save water, and improve concrete strength.

Green & Environmental protective

The L-shaped layout of the powder tank reduces the overall packaging area of the customer. Green environmental protection top suction dust removal, metering, the effect is remarkable .

zero drop, No leakage or splashing.

Patented innovative technology for waste water recycling, zero discharge in the whole process.

easy maintenance

The space layout of the main building is newly designed, and the operation and maintenance are unimpeded ;
There are multiple inspection covers inside the main building, which is very convenient for maintenance and replacement ;
The original design of the hopper cover makes it easier to replace the liner and observe it than ever before;
The anti-caking design of the main engine cover and the configuration of multiple inspection ports make it easy to clean .

Energy efficient

The global synchronous verification of more than 20,000 sets of equipment has obtained the best parameters such as blade deflection angle, linear speed and phase difference angle; the stirring blades are arranged in a 60° discontinuous spiral streamline shape, and the stirring is in a mesh shape, and the material is kneaded and squeezed. Sufficient pressure and high mixing efficiency; the discharge speed of the environmentally friendly mixer is faster, and the rotary throttle valve completely releases the discharge speed of the mixer.
It can unload at full speed, increasing productivity by 10%; intelligent production process control, giving full play to equipment efficiency, reducing operating energy consumption by 10%; self-adaptive real-time control of aggregate storage bins, increasing unloading efficiency by 20%.

Accurate measurement

Adopt a new generation of intelligent mixing control system

Water scale micro buckle scale: The amount of water deduction is self-learning and corrected, without manual setting; Combined with the shaker water removal technology, it can accurately remove water.

Self-learning correction: According to the water accuracy of the previous plate, adjust the water volume of the plate.

Aggregate three-speed three-speed ingredients: Formula automatic matching control algorithm is adopted to determine the target value of aggregate measurement according to the formula and the size of the cube, and decide whether to enable two-stage pulsation.

Two-stage pulsation: On the basis of the original first-level pulsation, it is increased to a second-level pulsation. The difference in pulsation time can control the size of the discharge volume, making the measurement of a smaller amount of discharge more accurate .

Safe and reliable

Remote centralized intelligent control system + high-performance hardware configuration security control + precise intelligent ingredient calculation The powder tank ring beam structure leads the industry trend, and the overall safety is higher and more reliable; large parts of the mixing station are produced on the assembly line and pre-assembled in the factory; powder The tank cone is formed by spinning and roll forming with high strength; safety switches are fully considered in electrical layout and circuit installation, and safety switches are installed in many places to minimize the danger of personnel; high-performance hardware configuration, and all electrical control components use well-known brands to ensure The control system runs stably and reliably.

Construction Cases

HZS180 concrete mixing plant adopts integrated design, which has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, accurate measurement, intelligent control, convenient operation, stability and reliability, and high cost performance.

【Theoretical production capacity】: 180m³/h

【Dimensions】: 59811x20660x23700mm

【Mixer Model】: JS3000

【Batching machine model】: PLD4800

【Total Power】: 275Kw

【Standard discharge height】: 4m

【Application field】: HZS180 concrete mixing plant is widely used in large and medium-sized prefabricated component factories, roads, bridges, water conservancy, docks and other industrial and civil construction projects.

Product Introduction/Performance Advantages

HZS180 concrete mixing plant is 180m3/h, the mixer model is JS3000 forced concrete mixer, the batching machine is PLD4800, the number of bins is 4, the batching capacity is 180m3, and the discharge height is 4 meters. the height of. The HZS180 station includes two rows of cement silos and a series of screw conveyors, and the operation of the entire concrete mixing station is controlled by a computer control room. It can deliver mixing materials to two concrete trucks at the same time. It also adopts the latest design ideas of electronic weighing, microcomputer control, digital display and other control technologies. The electronic weighing has buffer devices and automatic compensation functions, and the measurement accuracy is high. The sand and gravel feeding system adopts large-width herringbone belt feeding, and pedestrian security inspection aisles can be set up according to needs. There is a large-capacity sand and stone storage bin on the roof. The entire concrete production is in a fully enclosed environment from measurement to mixing and discharge. , has an outstanding performance in green environmental protection.

Structural Composition/Working Principle

Aggregate is discharged into the aggregate weighing hopper by the discharge door of the aggregate bin of the batching station for measurement. After measurement, it is discharged onto the flat belt that rotates far away. The flat belt is sent to the inclined belt conveyor, and the inclined belt conveyor is sent to the upper part of the mixer. While the hopper is waiting for instructions, cement and fly ash are conveyed by screw conveyors to their respective metering hoppers for metering, and water and admixtures are pumped by water pumps and admixtures to their respective metering hoppers for metering. After the measurement of various materials is completed, the control system issues instructions to start feeding into the mixer for mixing in sequence. After the mixing is completed, open the discharge door of the mixer, discharge the concrete through the discharge hopper into the mixing and transportation, and then enter the next working cycle.

Product parameters

参数parameter 搅拌站型号Model
HZS180 2HZS180
生产率productivity 180m3/h 360m3/h
搅拌机型号Blender model JS3000 S3000
搅拌电动功率Stirring electric power 2X55KW 4X55KW
搅拌周期stirring cycle 60s 60s
搅拌机公称容量Mixer nominal capacity 3000L 3000L
骨料.大粒度Aggregate . Large particle size 中150mm  Mod 中150mm  Mod
粉料仓容量Powder bin capacity 4x200t 8x200t
配料站配料能力Batching capacity 4800L 4800L
骨料仓容量Aggregate bin capacity 4X25m3 8X25m3
骨料种类Aggregate type 4 4
骨料皮带输送机生产率Aggregate Belt Conveyor Productivity 700t/h 700t/h
螺旋输送机.大生产率Screw Conveyors . High Productivity 110t/h 110t/h
卸料高度Discharge height 4.1m 4.1m
骨料称量范围及精度Aggregate Weighing Range and Accuracy (0-3000)+2%%kg (0-3000)+2%%kg
水泥称量范围及精度Cement Weighing Range and Accuracy (0-1800)+1%kg (0-1800)+1%kg
粉煤灰称量范围及精店Fly ash weighing range and fine store (0-1000)+1%%kg (0-1000)+1%%kg
水称量范围及精度Water weighing range and accuracy (0-800)+1%kg (0-800)+1%kg
外加剂称量范围及精度Additive weighing range and accuracy (0-80)+1%kg (0-80)+1%kg

Parts & Equipments

Storage system The cement silo is used for bulk cement storage in the mixing plant, and can replace the Civil silo. It is waterproof, moisture-proof, prevents cement loss and environmental pollution, has the characteristics of small footprint, long service life, and low cost.

Conveyor system


The belt conveyor is a coagulation and mixing station . It is an ideal high-efficiency continuous transportation equipment. It has the advantages of long transportation distance, large transportation volume, and continuous delivery. It is reliable in operation, easy to realize automation and centralized control, and very convenient to disassemble.


The screw conveyor adopts high-quality steel pipes with good rigidity, double-pitch blades, which can reduce the degree of material conveying compression, high-quality gear box, heavy-duty design, large torque, low noise, and optional universal ball joint, which makes installation and adjustment easy, and the quality of accessories is excellent. The center suspension bearing and the tail bearing are easy to install.


Control System


The control room of the concrete mixing plant is the place where the operator operates and manages the whole machine, and is the center of the mixing plant. The whole machine is controlled by computer, which can be controlled automatically or manually, and the operation is simple and easy to master. The dynamic panel display can clearly understand the operation status of each component, and can store and print report data at the same time.


metering system


Sensor High-precision imported sensor, accurate weighing, quick response.


The pneumatic butterfly valve is tightly sealed, reliable in action, simple in structure, small in size, light in weight, and high in cost performance.


Pneumatic system


Pneumatic system is the execution device of the action of the concrete mixing plant. Its function is to open and close each aggregate bin, mixer discharge door, and cement scale discharge door in time according to the instructions issued by the industrial computer, to break the arch of the cement in the cement bin, and to The additives are blown and stirred to ensure the accurate measurement of various aggregates, cement, and additives, and to complete the loading task of finished materials.


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We can provide free samples for you to test

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